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Quality Control

We have set up a quality assurance system by which we are able to take preventive measures for any problems occurred in our pharmacy dispensing process. As an integral part of our system.

Our Mission

Today, Maksun Biotech Healthcare Pvt Ltd is present almost in every part of the country. Our organization has the globe in the vision and determined to reach its goal and expects you to make Maksun Biotech Pvt Ltd your trusted goal.

Our Vision

We are committed to improving people’s life, through our life saving and high quality medicines. We are contributing towards better healthcare through innovation. We have committed ourselves to total customer satisfaction.

Maksun Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Maksun Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 and GMP certified global pharmaceutical company with involved in the areas of product marketing & manufacturing. Our focus on specialty segments in Indiaand simultaneous opening of newer markets abroad will help us achieve a niche in global pharmaceutical arena.We are firmly establishing our brands in each market for sustained growth. Maksun Biotech has established strong capability of providing latest formulations & will always be one step ahead.
Maksun Biotech was incorporated in 2010 but has since established itself as a vibrant marketing organization & now proudly is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India.
The Company is backed by a team of professional's takes complete responsibilities & dedication in Human Health Care. We provide health care solutions in various therapeutic segments with specialized focus on Analgesics, Antibiotic & Anti-Infective, Anticold & Antiallergic and Antipsychotic Drugs. Apart from these, our range also includes :
Cardiovascular Drugs
Gastro & Antiemetic & Anti Ulcerant,
Neurology Supplements and Nutritional Supplements.

Our Units

Maksun Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Click Here To Download Product List
Maksun Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Click Here To Download Product List
Maksun Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Click Here To Download Product List
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